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Nous Architecture | Design Studio is based in Istanbul, Turkey, and directed by co-founders and lead architects Sıddık Güvendi (b.1983) and Cihan Sevindik (b.1986). Our practice aims to combine aesthetic, ecological, social, practical and economic demands into memorable architecture that is in harmony with its context. We work with building design consisting of public buildings, housing and business premises. In addition, we are experienced in urban design and city planning with projects ranging from small urban interventions to large city plans. We have particular expertise in designing future learning environments, museums and other complex public buildings in demanding urban settings, as well as additions in delicate historical contexts and natural surroundings. Nous projects has won many national and international awards in competitions and lead architects won Young Architect Award (2017) and Turgut Cansever Award (2019).

Other major and award winning works include the Ulus Modern Arts Center (2021), Memorial Place for Helathcare Workers (2021), Muratpaşa Arts Center (2018) and Lüleburgaz Bus Station (2017).

In addition to their office work, Güvendi and Sevindik are actively involved in various events, serve as jury members and continue their careers as part-time studio instructors.

Guvendi and Sevindik are members of the Chamber Of Architects Section of UIA in Turkey and teach and lecture at schools of architecture in Turkey.

Sıddık Güvendi, one of the founding partners, carried out his design practice at Collective Architects between 2011-2020 and won many awards, eight of which were first prizes. In 2017, he was deemed worthy of the young architect award that given on national scale. The other founding partner, Cihan Sevindik, continued his works in OfficePan Architecture, of which he was the founder, between 2012-2020 and won many awards, eight of which were first prizes. In 2019, he was deemed worthy of the young architect award that given on national scale. The founding partners merged their design studios -Collective Architects and OfficePAN Architecture- under the roof of Nous Architecture | Design Studio in 2020.

Build on collaborative management and having an executive understanding, the team hold the idea of collaboration with different architectural and multidisciplinary teams. Having a flexible organisation structure and diversity throughout architectural competition practices create possibility to maintain simultaneous architectural services in different scales and topics.

We are open for co-operation.


     Cihan Sevindik


     Sıddık Güvendi


     Oya Eskin Güvendi

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Emirhan Ayata, Tetiana Markova, Zeynep Kuzucu, Ismail Gokkaya, Medine Gumus, Sevval Sekerci, Ekin Balas, Ebru Evin, Mevlut Bingol, Busra Karakas, Selen Mirioglu, Ahmet Baylan, Elif Nur Uluskan, Abdullah Kahraman, Gulcan Coskun, Ege Ak, Elif Sakalli, Huseyin Karamese, Rumeysa Tipirdamaz, Zehra Yegin, Kerem Karacaoglu, Asli Mut, Aykut Dag, Hatice Sena Savas